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New susceptibility gene for type 2 diabetes


今回Nature Genetics(電子版)に掲載される2つの研究グループの論文では、日本人の2型糖尿病患者を対象とした全ゲノム関連解析が報告されている。春日雅人らの研究グループは、KCNQ1遺伝子の多型が、2型糖尿病の高い発症リスクと関連していることを見いだし、その後、この関連を韓国と中国、スウェーデンの集団で再現した。一方、前田士郎も、日本人を対象とした研究で、KCNQ1遺伝子の別の複数の多型をリスク多型として同定し、シンガポールとデンマークの2型糖尿病患者集団において、この多型と2型糖尿病の関連を再現した。KCNQ1遺伝子には、カリウムチャネルのサブユニットがコードされている。同遺伝子の変異は、命にかかわる心臓不整脈と関連していることが非常に著名だが、同遺伝子は、膵臓でインスリン分泌を調節するという研究報告もある。


Scientists have identified variants that increase risk of type 2 diabetes in populations of both East Asian and European origin. Each copy of one of these risk variants increases an individual’s odds of getting the disease by 30?40%, an effect that exceeds all of the other susceptibility genes identified to date, with the exception of TCF7L2.

Online in Nature Genetics this week two groups report genome-wide association studies of Japanese individuals with type 2 diabetes. Masato Kasuga and colleagues found variants in KCNQ1 to be associated with increased risk of the disease, which they subsequently replicated in populations from Korea, China and Sweden. Shiro Maeda also identified risk variants in KCNQ1 in Japanese, and replicated the associations in affected individuals from Singapore and Denmark. KCNQ1 encodes a potassium channel subunit, and although KCNQ1 mutations have most prominently been associated with life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias, the gene has also been reported to regulate insulin secretion in the pancreas.

The risk variants have a similar effect in both East Asian and European populations, but they are much less frequent in Europeans, which may explain why they were not previously identified in the European-based large-scale studies of type 2 diabetes. As such, these results add to the growing body of evidence that the frequency of disease susceptibility variants may differ depending on ancestry, and underscore the importance of carrying out genome-wide association studies of individuals of non-European descent.

doi: 10.1038/ng.207


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