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New treatment options for a fatal leukemia



今回、Jean-Pierre Bourquin、Martin Stanullaの研究グループは、TCF-HLF陽性ALL患者が持つ変異と治療法に反応する類似のALL亜型の患者が持つ変異とを比較した。その結果、TCF-HLF陽性ALLに特異的な複数の変異遺伝子が同定されたが、これらの変異遺伝子がTCF-HLF陽性ALLが致命的である理由を説明するうえで役立つ可能性がある。また、今後の研究によって、これらの変異が新薬の作用標的となる可能性もある。次にBourquinたちは、患者のTCF-HLF陽性腫瘍細胞をマウスに移植し、複数の化学療法薬を使って試験を行うことで、既存の薬剤を用いる新たな治療法の可能性を模索した。標準的なALL治療法は予想通り効果を示さなかったが、他のクラスの薬剤(一部は臨床開発中)が有望なことが明らかになった。そのうちの1つであるベネトクラックスは、すでに他のALL亜型に対してある程度の有効性を示し、特にマウスのTCF3-HLF ALLに有効だった。Bourquinたちは、ベネトクラックスについて、TCF-HLF陽性ALL患者の治療法としての可能性を調べるべきだと考えている。

Potential new treatment options for a rare, fatal form of childhood leukemia, for which a long-term cure has never been achieved, are reported in a paper published this week in Nature Genetics. The study also identified specific genetic mutations associated with this form of leukemia.

This particular subset of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a subtype called TCF-HLF positive, accounts for less than 1% of childhood ALL cases, but has a very high rate of disease relapse and death within the first two years after diagnosis.

Jean-Pierre Bourquin, Martin Stanulla and colleagues compared the mutations present in TCF3-HLF positive patients with those of patients with a similar ALL subtype that is responsive to treatment. They identified mutant genes that were specific to the TCF-HLF subtype that may help explain why it is so deadly. With further studies, these mutations could be used as new drug targets. The authors then explored new potential treatment options with existing drugs by transplanting TCF-HLF positive tumor cells from patients into mice and testing them with multiple chemotherapeutic drugs. As expected, standard ALL treatments were not effective, but other classes of drugs showed more promise, including some still in clinical development. One drug, venetoclax, has already shown some efficacy in other ALL subtypes and was particularly effective against TCF3-HLF ALL in mice. The authors suggest venetoclax should be explored as a potential treatment option in these patients.

doi: 10.1038/ng.3362


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