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Energy: Winterizing the Texan energy infrastructure pays off in the long term

米国テキサス州のエネルギーシステムを冬に備えて整備する(ウィンタライゼーションとも呼ばれる)と、30年の時間枠内でその費用を取り戻せるとともに、かかった費用より1桁以上大きな利益をテキサス州の人々の福利にもたらすことができると示唆する論文が、Nature Energy に掲載される。


今回、Katharina Gruberたちは、過去のデータを用いて2021年の冬季とよく似た事象が繰り返される可能性を見積もり、当時の電力システムが現在と同じだったとすれば、過去71年間に同様の停電が8回起こった可能性があることを見いだした。次にGruberたちは、電力会社からガス供給まで、エネルギーシステムのさまざまな発電技術が冬に備える費用を見積もった。そして、こうした費用と冬に備えて整備されたシステムが創出する可能性がある収益を比較した結果、ガス発電所を整備する費用がギガワット当たり4億5000万ドル(約495億円)であるのに対し、電力会社の収益は30年間で10億6000万ドル(約1166億円)であった。


Preparing the energy system in Texas for winter—also known as winterization—can pay back its costs within a 30-year timeframe and the benefits to the wellbeing of the people of Texas can be an order of magnitude higher than the costs, suggests a paper published in Nature Energy.

The electricity system in Texas suffered massive outages in winter of 2021, leaving 4.5 million people without access to electricity in freezing cold weather. While debate about the causes of this failure continues, winterization of the energy system has been delayed. electric and gas companies as well as regulators have struggled to justify the winterization costs in a liberalized electricity market.

Katharina Gruber and colleagues estimated the potential for the recurrence of an event similar to the 2021 winter using historical data and found that eight similar blackouts could have happened in the past 71 years had the current market mechanisms been in place. They then estimated the winterization costs for various segments of the energy system from the power companies to the gas supply. These costs were then compared to the potential for revenue generation in a winterized system which comes out to about US$1.06 billion per GW for power companies over a 30-year period compared to a winterization costs of US$450 million per GW for gas power plants.

These findings suggest that current legislation can be improved by emphasizing the winterization of gas power plants and infrastructure, argue to the authors.

doi: 10.1038/s41560-022-00994-y


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