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Long-term oil price’s impact on the energy system and climate



David McCollumたちは、炭素排出量、エネルギー資源、需給技術に対する将来のさまざまな石油価格動向の影響をモデル化している。その結果、石油価格が低く(1バレル当たり40~55ドル)あるいは高く(1バレル当たり110~120ドル)維持されると、全世界のエネルギーシステムに大きな影響を及ぼす可能性があり、その一部は代替燃料の選択に影響を及ぼすためであることが分かった。代替燃料の選択による影響は、地球の気温を2℃のしきい値以下に維持するのに許される累積排出量の5~20%を占める可能性がある。McCollumたちは、将来の政策決定を検討する際に重要な不確実性は、同時に上昇したり低下したりすることが多かった石油価格と天然ガス価格が、今後連動するかどうかであることを見いだしている。他の不確実性としては、持続可能なバイオ燃料pが石油に置き換わる可能性や電気自動車市場の成長などがある。

Decisions on energy system composition and carbon emissions will be impacted by future oil prices, but also by other uncertainties connected to technology, alternative resources and policy, according to a paper published online this week in Nature Energy. The analysis of different oil price futures and related policy scenarios suggests high oil prices offer no substitute to climate policies in mitigating carbon emissions.

Oil prices have an important role in the global economy with consequences for climate change mitigation. The recent fall in oil price has introduced uncertainty about how markets may change in the future and what effects this will have on connected issues like the growth of renewables, energy efficiency measures, or climate change initiatives.

David McCollum and colleagues model the effects of different future oil price trends on carbon emissions, energy resources, and supply and demand technologies. They find that sustained low (US$40-55 per barrel) or high (US$110-120 per barrel) oil prices could have a large influence on the global energy system, partly by influencing the choices of alternative fuels. This choice could account for between 5 to 20 per cent of the cumulative emissions allowable for keeping global temperatures under the 2 °C threshold. They find that the key uncertainty to consider for future policy decisions is whether oil and gas prices - which have typically increased or decreased together - will decouple. Other uncertainties include the potential for sustainable biofuels to replace oil and the growth of the electric vehicle market.

doi: 10.1038/nenergy.2016.77


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