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鳥類の飛行は本質的に安定な時と不安定な時があることを明らかにした論文が、今週Nature に掲載される。この研究知見は、鳥類の進化によって飛行安定性が低下し、操縦性が向上しているという一般的な仮説と矛盾している。今回の研究は、鳥類の飛行の進化を解明するための手掛かりをもたらし、鳥類の操縦性の理論モデルの基礎を築いている。

鳥類は、翼の形状を変化させて、驚くべき空中操縦を行うことができるが、こうした動きの急激な変化のダイナミクスは十分に解明されていない。この点をさらに解明するため、Christina Harveyたちは、鳥類種(22種)が翼の形状を滑らかに変化させる能力(モーフィング)に関する研究を行った。鳥類は、翼のモーフィングによってロール慣性とヨー慣性(前後軸と上下軸の周りの回転)を変化させることができるが、これらの変化は重心の位置にほとんど影響しないことが判明した。また、17種の鳥類種は、安定した飛行と不安定な飛行を切り替えることができた。


Bird flight can be both inherently stable and unstable according to a Nature paper, a finding that goes against the prevailing assumption that birds are evolving away from stability to improve manoeuvrability. The study sheds light on the evolution of flight and lays the foundation for a theoretical model of avian manoeuvrability.

Birds can alter their wing shape to accomplish some extraordinary aerial manoeuvres, but the dynamics of these rapidly changing movements are not well understood. To learn more, Christina Harvey and colleagues studied wing morphing capacity in 22 bird species. Wing morphing allows birds to change their roll and yaw inertia (rotations across the longitudinal and vertical axes), but these changes have little impact on the position of the centre of gravity, they found. Seventeen of the species were shown to be able to transition between stable and unstable flight.

Although previous studies have suggested that modern birds may be capable of stable flight, it is widely thought that birds evolved to be unstable in pitch (rotation around the wing-to-wing axis) to enhance manoeuvrability. This study suggests a new narrative, proposing that evolutionary pressures may be maintaining the ability to shift between stable and unstable configurations. It also provides a missing link for those wishing to develop a mathematical theory of avian flight manoeuvrability. A similar theory currently exists for aircraft, but it could not be applied to birds without the detailed understanding of inertial properties that this study now provides.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-022-04477-8

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