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冬の間くすぶり続け、春になって再着火する北半球の森林火災が、夏の温暖化に関連しており、総焼失面積の最大3分の1を占める可能性があることを示唆する論文が、Nature に掲載される。この知見は、火災管理政策に影響を及ぼすと考えられる。


今回、Rebecca Scholten、Sander Veraverbekeたちの研究チームは、現地調査で得られたデータとリモートセンシングデータを用いて、2002~2018年に米国アラスカ州とカナダのノースウエスト準州で発生した越冬型火災を特定するアルゴリズムを開発した。研究対象期間中の総焼失面積の0.8%は越冬型火災によるものだったが、この割合は、年ごとに変動し、38%の年もあった。また、夏が温暖になると、その後、越冬型火災が起こりやすいことも判明した。Scholtenたちは、気温の上昇によって、火災が有機質土壌の奥深くまで広がり、火災が越冬しやすくなると考えている。


Forest fires in the Northern Hemisphere that smoulder through the winter then reignite in the spring are associated with warmer summers and can account for up to one third of the total burn area, suggests a paper published in Nature. The findings may have implications for fire management policies.

Fires that can survive the cold and wet winters of boreal (Northern Hemisphere) forests are described as overwintering (or zombie) fires. Boreal forests, despite their high latitudes, present favourable conditions for overwintering fires with deep organic soil and a warming climate, but the extent of overwintering fires in these forests and their drivers remains unclear.

Rebecca Scholten, Sander Veraverbeke and colleagues developed an algorithm to identify overwintering fires in Alaska, USA and the Northwest Territories, Canada from 2002–2018 using field and remote sensing data. They identified that overwintering fires were responsible for 0.8% of the total burned area over the study period, but this area varied in individual years and in one year was 38%. The authors found that overwintering fires were more likely following warmer summers. They suggest that warmer temperatures allow fires to burn deeper into the organic soil, which may help to sustain them over the winter.

The authors note that although overwintering fires are relatively rare in boreal forests, as climate change increases temperatures they may become more common. They suggest that early detection and suppression of these fires could contribute to cost savings for fire management agencies.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-021-03437-y

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