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今回、Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonteたちの研究グループは、細胞の再プログラム化技術を用いて、創傷の結合組織に由来する細胞から傷口をふさぐ角化細胞の前駆細胞への転換を実現して、細胞移動を不要にした。Belmonteたちは、細胞を皮膚に再プログラム化するために必要な4種類のタンパク質を同定し、ウイルスを使って、これらのタンパク質をマウスの背中にできた難治性潰瘍に直接送達した。その結果、損傷した皮膚を再プログラム化によって治癒できることが明らかになった。Belmonteたちはこの方法について、さらなる改良と安全性の試験が必要だが、ヒトの皮膚創傷に適用できる可能性があり、損傷した組織や器官への適用可能性もあるという考えを示している。

Wounds and ulcers on mice can be healed by reprogramming cells within the wound into surface skin cells to seal up the injury, reports a study published online this week in Nature.

A key step in healing wounds is the migration of keratinocytes (the primary cells of the outmost layer of skin) from the surrounding tissue into the wound to seal up the damage. For larger wounds, however, this process is inefficient and becomes more so with age. As the healing capacity of the skin diminishes, minor injuries develop more easily into non-healing wounds and painful, sometimes life-threatening ulcers. With ageing populations, the incidence of chronic ulcers is also on the rise - bringing with it a demand for simpler wound treatments that are more effective than the skin transplants and costly prosthetic grafts presently available.

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte and colleagues use cellular-reprogramming technology to transform cells from the connective tissue of wounds into progenitors of keratinocyte cells that seal the injury, replacing the need for cell migration. They identify four proteins that are needed to program the cells into skin, and deliver them via viruses directly onto non-healing ulcers on the back of mice. The authors find that the reprogramming successfully healed over the injured skin. Although further improvements and safety testing are needed, the researchers suggest that the technique could be applied to human skin injuries and possibly other damaged tissues and organs.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-018-0477-4

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