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「赤の女王」仮説は、生物種間で継続的に起こっている進化的軍拡競争を記述したものであり、絶滅率一定の法則を説明するためにLeigh Van Valenによって提唱された。Van Valenは、ある1つの分類群が絶滅する確率がその分類群の存在期間と無関係なことを発見して、この法則を打ち立てた。化石記録の大半は、分類群の個体数、多様性又は生息域の経時変化を示すグラフの形が帽子に似ており、出現当初は少なく、中間期にピークに達し、絶滅する頃に再び少なくなることを示しているが、Van Valenの知見は、こうした化石記録と相いれない。

今回、Indre Zliobaiteたちの研究グループは、分類群の最終的な絶滅ではなく、その拡大のピーク期を考えれば、このパラドックスを解消できることを明らかにした。Zliobaiteたちは、ピーク期に分類群の種を抑制する要因が競争と関係している可能性が高く、当初の多様化と最終的な絶滅を抑制する要因は確率論的な非生物的要因と関係している可能性が高いという考えを示している。従って生物種の絶滅可能性の有無と絶滅時期を明らかにするには、末期の個体数減少と絶滅ではなく、ピークを過ぎたばかりの時期を調べるべきだとされる。

Understanding the interplay between different drivers of evolution depends on the stage a group is at in its evolutionary trajectory, suggests a report in Nature this week. The modelling study provides an explanation for the apparent contradiction between the seemingly inevitable decline of ageing taxa and randomness of extinction implied by one of the most influential ideas in evolutionary biology since Darwin: the Red Queen’s hypothesis.

The Red Queen’s hypothesis, which describes the ongoing evolutionary arms race between species, was proposed by Leigh Van Valen as an explanation of the law of constant extinction, which he formulated after having found that a taxon’s probability of extinction bore no relationship to the length of time that it had existed. This finding is at odds with much of the fossil record, which reveals ‘hat-like’ distributions of taxa abundance, diversity or geographic range through time - taxa are often scarce at the beginning, peak in the middle and then are scarce at the end.

Indre Zliobaite and colleagues show that the paradox can be resolved if the peak of a taxon’s expansion is considered, rather than its final extinction. They suggest that the factors limiting a species at its peak are more likely to do with competition, whereas those limiting its initial diversification and eventual extinction are more likely to be related to stochastic abiotic effects. This means that when seeking to discover when or if a species is likely to become extinct, instead of considering its final decline and extirpation, one should instead look at when it is just past its peak.

doi: 10.1038/nature24656

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