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T細胞の一種であるCD8+ T細胞(キラーT細胞)は、腫瘍細胞のような外来の細胞に浸潤して攻撃を加えるため、抗腫瘍免疫に重要な役割を担っている、しかし、腫瘍は、T細胞の活性を抑制するさまざまな機構によって攻撃を逃れることができるため、CD8+ T細胞の活性を増進させることは臨床的に有益だ。

T細胞のシグナル伝達と機能にとっての非常に重要な調節因子である膜脂質の構成成分の1つがコレステロールだが、今回、Chenqi Xuたちは、コレステロール代謝を修飾することでCD8+ T細胞の抗腫瘍応答を増強できるかどうかを調べ、ACAT1(コレステロールを貯蔵しやすい形に変換する酵素)を欠損したT細胞を有する遺伝子組み換えマウスを作製して、ACAT1の欠損に応じてCD8+ T細胞の抗腫瘍応答が増強されることを明らかにした。また、Xuたちは、いくつかの実験で、アバシミベ(ACAT1阻害剤)を少数のマウスに投与して、がん免疫療法の薬物標的としてのACAT1の可能性を調べた。その結果、腫瘍の増殖が阻害され、生存日数も長くなった。


A new means of increasing the anticancer activity of immune cells known as killer T cells by modifying cholesterol metabolism is described in a study published in Nature this week.

A subset of T cells, known as CD8+ T cells (killer T cells), are known to infiltrate and attack foreign cells such as tumour cells, and therefore have an important role in antitumour immunity. However, tumours can escape attack through various mechanisms that suppress T-cell activity, so enhancing the activity of CD8+ T cells is of clinical value.

As cholesterol is a component of membrane lipids, which are key regulators of T-cell signalling and function, Chenqi Xu and colleagues investigated whether the antitumour response of CD8+ T cells can be potentiated by modifying cholesterol metabolism. They genetically modified mice so that their T cells lack the enzyme ACAT1 - which generates a form of cholesterol - and find that, in response to the loss of this enzyme, there is an increase in the antitumour activity of CD8+ T cells. They also test the potential of ACAT1 as a drug target for cancer immunotherapy by treating small numbers of mice across several experiments with avasimibe, an ACAT1 inhibitor, and find that tumour growth was inhibited and survival time prolonged.

The authors suggest that this new mechanism could be used to complement other current therapies, such as immune checkpoint blockade.

doi: 10.1038/nature17412

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