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Technology: Self-driving cars drive more safely with new algorithm

自動運転車を安全に走行させるのに役立つアルゴリズムについて詳述した論文が、今週、Nature Machine Intelligence に掲載される。


発生し得る全ての交通状況について自動運転車を訓練することはできないが、他の道路利用者が合法的に運転している限り事故を起こさないような軌道を常に計算する枠組みを自動運転車に提供することはできる。今回、Christian Pekたちの研究チームは、自動運転車が軌道計画に関係なく事故を起こさないようにするアルゴリズムを発表した。このアルゴリズムは、他の交通参加者が物理的・法的制約に従うものと仮定して、予期せぬ出来事が発生した場合によりどころとなる安全な運転計画を計算することができる。Pekたちは、都市環境で記録された実際の交通状況をアルゴリズムで再現することで、このアプローチを検証した。その結果、アルゴリズムはどの時点でも安全でない経路は提案しないことが明らかになった。


An algorithm that helps to ensure that autonomous vehicles drive safely is described in a paper published this week in Nature Machine Intelligence.

Safety continues to be a major challenge for autonomous vehicles. Since self-driving cars do not have the ability to lose concentration or become fatigued like human drivers can, they have the potential to reduce the number of traffic accidents on the road. However, humans are much better at responding quickly and appropriately to situations that they never encountered before.

Although self-driving cars cannot be trained on all possible traffic situations, they can be provided with a framework that always calculates an accident-free trajectory, provided other road users drive legally. Christian Pek and colleagues present an algorithm that ensures that the autonomous vehicle will not cause accidents regardless of its trajectory planner. Assuming that other traffic participants follow physical and legal constraints, the algorithm can calculate safe plans to fall back on, should an unexpected event occur. The authors tested this approach with real traffic situations that were recorded in urban scenarios and replayed them to the algorithm. They found that the algorithm did not suggest any unsafe routes at any point.

Autonomous vehicles can only be widely adopted once they can be trusted to drive more safely than human drivers. This finding suggests that formal verification can contribute to safe autonomous vehicle behaviour.

doi: 10.1038/s42256-020-0225-y

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