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Nature Catalysis

Magnetic-field remotely controlled chemical reactions

磁場を用いる遠隔操作によって化学反応を開始する手法が、新ジャーナルNature Catalysisのオンライン版で今週報告される。この手法によって特定の場所と時間での分子放出が可能になるため、選択的薬物送達への応用が見込まれる。


今回Sergiy Minkoらは、酵素と基質を別々の酸化鉄ナノ粒子に結合させることで、この問題を克服した。そして、これらの粒子をポリマーコートで包み込み、相互作用できないようにした。磁場をかけなければ、予想通り、ナノ粒子に結合した酵素とナノ粒子に結合した基質との相互作用が起こらず、薬物が全く放出されないことが分かった。しかし、いったん磁場をかけると、ナノ粒子同士がくっついてポリマーコートが融合することで、必要な化学反応が起こり、薬物が放出される。次にMinkoらは、今回の手法を原理証明研究に用いて、化学療法薬ドキソルビシンを放出させることによってがん細胞を死滅できることを示した。

A method for remotely switching on chemical reactions using magnetic fields is described in a paper published online this week in the new journal Nature Catalysis. The technique reported allows the release of molecules at specific locations and times, with potential applications in selective drug delivery.

Enzymes normally react quickly with a specific target, known as the substrate. It is possible to attach a drug molecule to the substrate that will only be released once the substrate comes into contact with the enzyme. However, under normal conditions, selectivity is a problem: the drug will be released as soon as the enzyme and substrate are in the same location.

Sergiy Minko and colleagues have now overcome this problem by attaching enzymes and substrates to separate iron oxide nanoparticles. They encased these particles in a polymer coat to ensure they could not interact. The authors show that in the absence of a magnetic field, as expected, no interaction between the nanoparticle-linked enzyme and nanoparticle-linked substrate occurs and that no drug is released. However, once the magnetic field is switched on, the nanoparticles are forced together and their polymer coats merge, allowing the required chemical reactions to take place and the drug to be released. The authors then used the method in a proof-of-principle study to show it can be used to kill cancer cells by releasing the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin.

doi: 10.1038/s41929-017-0003-3



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