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Springer Nature Group is represented in Japan by Springer Nature Japan K.K., established after the merger of Springer Japan K.K. and Nature Japan K.K. The original companies started their activities in Japan in the 1980s. Currently, Springer Nature employs approximately 200 specialists in Japan in editorial, sales, marketing and production departments, as well as in custom media and healthcare services. Our local staff is responsible for worldwide business activities, providing services to authors and editors, institutions and societies. We conduct a wide range of activities, including publishing journals and books, sales and marketing of journals and books to individuals and institutions, advertising, sponsorship, custom publishing and media production services to promote the activities and research outcomes of research institutions and companies both domestically and internationally, and training services for researchers in writing and publishing journal articles.

Since its establishment in Japan, Springer has published more than 1300 books by top Japanese researchers in all academic fields. Nature Portfolio also has an editorial presence in Japan with editors from several Nature Portfolio journals located in Tokyo.

Springer Nature advances discovery by publishing trusted research, supporting the development of new ideas and championing open science. Our brands include Springer, Nature Portfolio, Scientific American and BMC. With millions of academics and life sciences professionals using our products and websites everyday, we provide valuable options for commercial partners.

To facilitate access to cutting-edge scientific information, the website natureasia.com, which is available in Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean, provides information on Nature Portfolio publications as well as research abstracts and interviews with Japanese authors selected by the editors of the journal Nature and the Nature journals. Nature Digest is a Japanese language monthly magazine based on the news and feature article sections of Nature.

Nikkei Science, Inc., a joint venture between Scientific American, the oldest science magazine for the general public in the U.S., and Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc., publishes Nikkei Science, a popular monthly science magazine for general readers.

Springer Healthcare's mission is to contribute to healthcare by supporting evidence-based information provision activities of pharmaceutical companies in Japan. By making use of Springer Nature's wealth of original content, including journals and books covering all areas of medicine and pharmacology, and its global network of offices around the world, we provide effective tools that meet the needs of each company.

We offer a variety of promotional solutions and researcher services for institutions, corporations and government agencies to benefit from our expertise and to engage with a global audience of scientists, healthcare professionals, and opinion-leaders.

We see the rise of open research in all its manifestations as one of the major forces reshaping the way that researchers communicate and collaborate to advance the pace and quality of discovery.

Springer Nature is committed to the sustainable drive towards open science. We offer researchers, institutions and their funders OA options for journals, books and sharing research data. We believe Gold OA publication offers the simplest most open and most sustainable route to OA and open science.

For over twenty years, since BMC first pioneered an open access publishing model, openness and innovation have been at the heart of our business.

Today, we publish the world’s most significant open access portfolio.

To fulfill our mission to Advancing Discovery, it is vital to engage in an open dialogue with key stakeholders in the research ecosystem, including researchers, institutions, librarians, funders and policymakers. These engagement activities - often focused on issues of common interest such as research assessment reform, diversity, equity and inclusion, research integrity and open science - allow us to deepen our understanding and develop mutual trust. We seek to share knowledge, connect people and broker alliances to ultimately deliver a more open, diverse, inclusive, efficient and impactful research environment.

As a global publisher, Springer Nature will continue to support the development of research, students, and professional fields, while providing flexible and high-quality services that meet the needs of countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Antoine Bocquet, PhD

Antoine Bocquet, PhD
CEO and Representative Director, Springer Nature Japan K.K.

Company Outline
Company Name Springer Nature Japan K.K.
Trading Name Springer Nature
Establishment January 25, 1983
Capital 200,000,000 Japanese Yen
CEO Antoine E. Bocquet, PhD
Address Shiroyama Trust Tower 5F
4-3-1 Toranomon
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6005, Japan
Tel: 03-4533-8050 Fax: 03-4533-8081
Our Business
  • Publishing the print and digital Japan edition of the international scientific journal Nature. Publishing and sales of books, academic journals and society journals of all fields, including science, medicine, technology and social sciences
  • Databases production, promotion and sales
  • Custom publishing, media production, event and advertising sales
  • Medical communication agency for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry
  • The contents services, including journal reprints and educational contents of partnership societies (including ASCO, ASH, ESMO)
  • Professional development training services including manuscript writing courses
  • Planning, development and management of websites, web content and digital content

We hereby announce that we have started publishing and commercial activities under the trade name "Springer Nature" (Registered Trademark) from March 1, 2016. For more details, please refer to "Notice of New Trademark ".

Springer Nature opens the doors to discovery for researchers, educators, clinicians and other professionals. Every day, around the globe, our imprints, books, journals, platforms and technology solutions reach millions of people. For over 175 years our brands and imprints have been a trusted source of knowledge to these communities and today, more than ever, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that fundamental knowledge can be found, verified, understood and used by our communities – enabling them to improve outcomes, make progress, and benefit the generations that follow.

Springer Nature Japan K.K. is part of Springer Nature Group.

For further information about Springer Nature Group, please visit the Springer Nature Group website.

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