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Engineering: Lightweight glove allows wearer to feel the shape of virtual objects



今回、Youngsu Chaたちの研究グループは、着用者がバーチャルハンドを操作して、仮想現実で物体を拾い上げ、その形状を感じることができる手袋システムを開発した。手袋の着用者が、手を動かして物体(仮想のチェス盤上のナイトの駒)を拾い上げると、手袋の内蔵センサーが指の動きを感知する。このセンサーからのデータは、ブルートゥースを使ってソフトウエアプログラムに送信され、このソフトウエアプログラムが、これに対応した動きを画面上のバーチャルハンドで再現する。仮想物体をつかむと、Chaたちが開発した一組の軟質シリコーン製アクチュエーターが作動する。アクチュエーターは仮想現実環境からの信号を受信し、それがアクチュエーター内部の空気を動かし、その中心にあるシリコーンを膨張させる。手袋着用者の指先は、膨張したシリコーンの圧力をまるで仮想物体に触れているかのように感知し、その結果、着用者は、その形状を感じ取り、仮想現実の中で仮想物体を拾い上げ、保持することができるようになる。


A lightweight glove that interacts with virtual reality to provide tactile feedback allows the wearer to feel and handle virtual objects. Details of the device are published in in a proof-of-principle study in Scientific Reports.

Gloves that allow wearers to feel objects in virtual reality work by using sensors, which detect the wearer’s movements and actuators, which provide physical feedback via mechanical stimuli such as vibration. Although previously developed actuators were able to accurately reproduce the texture of virtual objects, they could not provide information about their shape.

Youngsu Cha and colleagues developed a glove system that allows the wearer to manipulate a virtual hand, pick up an object in virtual reality and feel its shape. As the wearer of the glove moves their hand to pick up the object ― in this case a virtual chess horse ― the finger movements are detected by sensors in the glove. Data from the sensors are transferred via Bluetooth to a software programme that recreates corresponding movements of the virtual hand on a screen. Taking hold of the virtual object activates a set of soft silicone actuators developed by the authors. The actuators receive a signal from the virtual reality environment, which causes air inside them to move and expand the silicone in their centre. The user’s fingertips sense the pressure of the expanded silicone as if they were touching the virtual object, allowing them to feel its shape, pick it up and hold it in virtual reality.

The authors’ glove system can be operated without bulky external air compressors that were needed for previous actuators. The authors suggest that it may be used in different virtual reality environments by linking it with different software.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-45422-6

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