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Evolution: Beluga-narwhal hybrid identified from skull stored in museum


今回、Mikkel Skovrind、Eline Lorenzenたちの研究グループは、デンマーク自然史博物館に保管されている頭蓋骨の歯から抽出したゲノムDNAの解析を行った。今回の研究では、この頭蓋骨のDNAと、頭蓋骨が発見された西グリーンランドの同じ地域に生息するシロイルカ8頭とイッカク8頭から得たゲノムのDNAとが比較された。この解析から、この頭蓋骨標本は54%がシロイルカで、46%がイッカクであることが示唆された。著者たちは、個体の性別を決定する一般的な方法であるX染色体数と常染色体数の比を用いて、この雑種が雄であると推定した。また、個体のミトコンドリアゲノム(全DNAのごく一部で、雌の生殖系列を介してのみ遺伝する)の解析から、この雑種の母親がイッカクであることが示唆された。


A specimen representing the first-generation male offspring of a female narwhal and a male beluga has been identified by analyzing genes sampled from a skull found in West Greenland in 1990. The findings, which are presented in Scientific Reports, represent the only known evidence of potential hybridization between belugas and narwhals.

Mikkel Skovrind, Eline Lorenzen and colleagues analysed genomic DNA extracted from the teeth of the skull, which is stored at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. The authors compared the skull’s DNA to DNA from the genomes of eight live belugas and eight live narwhals sampled in the same area in West Greenland where the skull was found. The analysis suggests that the specimen was 54% beluga and 46% narwhal. The authors used the ratio between the number of X chromosomes and the number of autosomes - a common method to determine the sex of an individual ― to infer that the hybrid was male. Analysis of the mitochondrial genome, a small part of the total DNA of an individual that is only transmitted via the female germline, suggested that the hybrid’s mother was a narwhal.

The authors also analysed variants (isotopes) of the chemical elements carbon and nitrogen contained in bone collagen extracted from the skull and compared it to bone collagen from a reference panel of 18 narwhal and 18 beluga skulls. The concentration of carbon isotopes in the samples from the skull was higher than that in the other skulls, suggesting that the hybrid’s diet was different from either parent species. From this, the authors infer that the hybrid foraged closer to the bottom of the seafloor (in the benthic zone) than narwhals and belugas.

doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-44038-0

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