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New anti-inflammatory compounds identified


V D Dixitたちは、絶食、激しい運動、カロリー制限や低炭水化物ケト原性食の摂取に応答して体内で生産される代謝産物であるβ-ヒドロキシ酪酸(BHB)にNLRP3を直接阻害する作用があることを明らかにした。in vivoでの生物学的利用能を高めるためにBHBをナノ粒子に封入してから炎症性疾患のマウスモデルに投与すると、血液中のBHBレベルを上昇させるケト原性食を摂取した場合と同じように炎症の症状が軽減した。これらの知見から、絶食、ケト原性食の摂取や激しい運動の際に見られる抗炎症効果の一部は、BHB産生とそれによるNLRP3の阻害を介していると考えられる。

もう1つの研究でL O'NeillとM Cooperたちは、MCC950という薬剤がNLRP3を直接阻害することを報告している。MCC950は、ヒト細胞、あるいは自己免疫疾患や自己炎症性疾患のマウスモデルで、炎症応答の抑制に効果があった。このことは、MCC950がさまざまな炎症性疾患の治療に使える可能性を示している。また、MCC950の抗炎症作用は、インフラマソーム複合体中の感染制御に重要な働きをする成分には影響を与えないことも明らかになった。

Two compounds capable of blocking a component of the immune system (NLRP3) that is involved in several inflammatory disorders are described in two papers published online this week in Nature Medicine. NLRP3 is part of a complex of proteins called the inflammasome, which drives the inflammatory response in several disorders including autoimmune disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis and autoinflammatory disorders.

Vishwa Deep Dixit and colleagues report that β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), a metabolite produced by the body in response to fasting, high-intensity exercise, caloric restriction or upon consumption of a low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet, can directly inhibit NLRP3. When BHB was packaged in a nanoparticle (to improve its bioavailability in vivo) it reduced inflammation in a mouse model of inflammatory disease, as did administration of a ketogenic diet, which elevated levels of BHB in the bloodstream. These findings suggest that the anti-inflammatory effects of fasting, a ketogenic diet or high-intensity exercise may, in part, be mediated by production of BHB and its inhibition of NLRP3.

In a separate study, Luke O’Neill, Matthew Cooper and colleagues describe a drug, MCC950, which directly inhibits NLRP3. The authors showed that MCC950 is effective at inhibiting inflammatory responses in human cells and in mouse models of autoimmune and autoinflammatory disease. This suggests that the compound may be used to treat a myriad of inflammatory diseases. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory effects of MCC950 were not associated with inhibition of other components of the inflammasome complex that are important for control of infection.

doi: 10.1038/nm.3804


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