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V Thannickalたちは、NOXの一種であるNOX-4が肺線維症において果たす役割について報告している。それによれば、NOX-4は、線維症の特徴である筋線維芽細胞の分化と、細胞外マトリックスの産生を誘導する過酸化水素の発生に必要なことがわかった。NOX-4は、肺線維症患者の肺で発現が増加する。また、NOX-4に遺伝子操作を加えたり、NOX-4を標的とする薬剤を用いたりしたところ、肺線維症のマウスモデル2匹において、線維症の予防効果が見られた。


A potential new target for drugs aiming to treat lung fibrosis is reported in this week's Nature Medicine.

NADPH oxidases (NOX)are enzymes that catalyze the production of?free radicals.The free radicals may have beneficial effects, such as fighting pathogens, or deleterious consequences, such as triggering cell death.

Victor Thannickal and his colleagues report a role for one type of NOX called NOX-4 in lung fibrosis. They found that NOX-4 is necessary for the generation of hydrogen peroxide, which triggers myofibroblast differentiation and extracellular matrix production, both hallmarks of fibrosis. NOX-4 is up-regulated in the lungs of patients with lung fibrosis. Moreover, genetic and pharmacologic targeting of NOX-4 prevented fibrosis in two mouse models of this disease.

These findings support a role for NOX-4 in tissue fibrosis and provide a starting point for therapeutic targeting of NOX-4 in lung fibrosis, a disease for which there is no available treatment.

doi: 10.1038/nm.2005


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