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New factor required for hepatitis C infection



M Ottたちは、HCV感染に重要な宿主側の因子として、脂質合成酵素DGAT1を同定した。DGAT1はウイルスに結合し、これがウイルスをヒト細胞の脂肪滴へと運ぶのに必要である。DGAT1の活性を阻害するとウイルスの生産が強く阻害されることから、DGAT1が治療標的になる可能性が示唆される。

An article in this week’s Nature Medicine reports that the enzyme DGAT1 — important for the metabolism of lipids — is necessary for hepatitis C infection and could be a new target for antiviral therapy.

Over 160 million people are infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV), and infection can lead to severe liver disease in many cases. Hepatitis C infection is closely linked to fat metabolism in liver cells.

Melanie Ott and her team have identified the lipid-synthesizing enzyme DGAT1 as a key host factor for HCV infection. DGAT1 interacts with the virus and is required for its trafficking to lipid droplets in human cells. Inhibition of DGAT1 activity severely impairs viral production, implicating DGAT1 as a potential therapeutic target.

doi: 10.1038/nm.2238


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