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Glioblastoma microvesicles typing in blood


Ralph Weisslederたちが開発したのは、微小流体チップを使って微小胞(主としてエキソソーム)内のタンパク質を高感度で鑑定する方法である。この方法では、標識するのにナノ粒子を、検出には小型化した核磁気共鳴装置を利用する。Weisslederたちは、この方法によって腫瘍由来の微小胞と正常細胞由来の微小胞が区別できることを、培養神経膠芽腫細胞と神経膠芽腫患者由来の血液を用いて明らかにした。


A technology that can monitor gliobastoma response to therapy through the identification of tumor-released microvesicles in blood is reported in a paper published in Nature Medicine this week.

Ralph Weissleder and colleagues describe a sensitive technique that uses a microfluidic microchip for profiling proteins in microvesicles, which consist mostly of exosomes. The authors used both glioblastoma cell cultures and blood from patients with gioblastoma to show that the technique, which utilizes nanoparticles for labeling and a miniaturized nuclear magnetic resonance system for detection, can differentiate tumor-derived microvesicles from those derived from normal cells.

The technique could potentially be used to follow up treatment efficacy and to identify both primary tumor mutations and treatment-induced changes in cancer cells.

doi: 10.1038/nm.2994


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