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New drug candidates for treating radiation poisoning


Hartmut Geigerたちは、遺伝子スクリーニングを行ってマウスの放射線感受性の新しい調節因子を同定し、血液凝固と炎症を制御するある経路が、意外なことに放射線障害に対する防御作用をもつことを発見した。この経路では、トロンボモジュリンというタンパク質が働いて、抗凝固作用、抗炎症作用をもつ活性型プロテインCの生成を助ける。遺伝子組み換えによるトロンボモジュリンや活性型プロテインCを静脈内注入すると、全身に放射線照射したマウスの死亡を防ぐことができた。


Two new drug candidates for treating radiation poisoning are uncovered in a study published online this week in Nature Medicine.

Hartmut Geiger and colleagues use a genetic screen to identify new regulators of radiation sensitivity in mice and discover that a pathway that controls blood clotting and inflammation unexpectedly provides protection against radiation damage. In this pathway, the protein thrombomodulin helps generate activated protein C, which has both anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory activities. The team found that intravenous infusion of recombinant forms of either thrombomodulin or activated protein C protected mice from death after total body radiation.

Both thrombomodulin and activated protein C have previously been used in humans for other conditions, suggesting they might be repurposed for treating radiation poisoning.

doi: 10.1038/nm.2813


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