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Protective mutation against HIV associated with increased mortality rate


2018年、Jiankui Heは、CRISPRを用いてヒト胚でCCR5遺伝子を編集し、その結果2人の赤ちゃんが誕生したと発表した。変異導入の目的は、天然に生じたCCR5 Δ32変異の効果を模倣することだった。しかしこれまでの研究で、この変異を持つ人はインフルエンザなど特定の感染症にかかるリスクが高いことも示唆されていた。

今回Xinzhu WeiとRasmus Nielsenは、英国バイオバンクに蓄積された40万人以上について遺伝子型と死亡届の情報を解析し、CCR5 Δ32変異が平均余命に与える影響を調査した。すると、CCR5 Δ32変異を2コピー持つ人(CCR5 Δ32/Δ32)は、CCR5 Δ32変異を持たない人や1コピーだけ持つ人に比べると、76歳に達する確率がおよそ20%低いことが分かった。また、英国バイオバンクのコホートに参加登録した時点でのCCR5 Δ32/Δ32の個体数が、期待されるより少ないことも判明した。これは、CCR5 Δ32のホモ接合は有害であるという見方と符合する。このような知見が他の集団にも当てはまるかは、今後調べるべき課題である。

Individuals who carry two copies of the Δ32 mutation of the CCR5 gene (which protects against HIV infection in Europeans) have a 21% increase in mortality rate, according to a study published in Nature Medicine this week. The results highlight the need to better understand how the unintended consequences of introducing mutations in humans may impact health.

In 2018, Jiankui He announced that he had used CRISPR to edit the CCR5 gene in human embryos, which resulted in two live births. The introduced mutations were aimed at mimicking the effect of the naturally occurring CCR5-Δ32 mutation. However, previous studies have also suggested that people with this mutation may be at risk for certain infectious diseases, such as influenza.

Xinzhu Wei and Rasmus Nielsen analysed genotype and death register information for over 400,000 individuals in the UK Biobank to investigate the effect of the Δ32 mutation on life expectancy. The authors found that individuals who are homozygous carriers of the Δ32 mutation (Δ32/Δ32) are about 20% less likely to reach age 76, compared to those who do not have or only have one copy of the Δ32 mutation. They also found that the number of Δ32/Δ32 individuals at the time of enrollment in the UK Biobank cohort is lower than expected, consistent with the notion of a harmful effect of Δ32 in the homozygous state. It remains to be seen if these findings can be replicated in other populations.

doi: 10.1038/s41591-019-0459-6


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