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Resolving inflammatory pain



R-R Jiたちは、ある種のオメガ3脂肪酸から自然に作られる2種類のリゾルビンRvE1とRvD1をマウスに投与すると、炎症性の痛みの症状が緩和されることを発見した。RvE1は、痛みの緩和作用が親化合物に比べて1万倍も強いことがわかった。また、RvE1やRvD1と同じ受容体に結合する人工化合物ケメリン(Chemerin)も、痛みの症状を大いに緩和した。判明している抗炎症作用のほかにも、RvE1が脊髄内で作用して、ニューロンの持続的活性化(普通は慢性の痛みの原因となる)を防ぐことがわかった。このような鎮痛作用には、それに伴う痛み感受性変化はみられなかった。

Resolvins, naturally-occurring lipids derived from omega-3 fatty acids, may represent a new class of painkillers for treating inflammatory pain, suggests a report published online this week in Nature Medicine. The scientists propose that resolvins may prove effective as analgesics by reducing inflammation and acting in the spinal cord to prevent chronic pain.

Inflammatory pain, such as arthritic and post-operative pain, is triggered by tissue injury, leading to the release of compounds that increase inflammation and act within the spinal cord to cause persistent pain.

Ru-Rong Ji and colleagues found that two resolvins, RvE1 and RvD1, which are naturally produced from certain omega-3 fatty acids, reduce inflammatory pain symptoms when administered to mice. The team showed that RvE1 was 10,000 times more potent at alleviating pain than its parent compound; moreover, an artificial compound, Chemerin, which binds to the same receptor as RvE1 and RvD1 also significantly reduced pain symptoms. Aside from their established anti-inflammatory effects, they also found that RvE1 acts in the spinal cord to prevent persistent neuronal activation which normally causes chronic pain. These analgesic effects were seen without any alterations in normal sensitivity to pain.

doi: 10.1038/nm.2123


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