Research Abstract


Stretchable and waterproof elastomer-coated organic photovoltaics for washable electronic textile applications

2017年9月18日 Nature Energy 2 : 780 doi: 10.1038/s41560-017-0001-3



Hiroaki Jinno, Kenjiro Fukuda, Xiaomin Xu, Sungjun Park, Yasuhito Suzuki, Mari Koizumi, Tomoyuki Yokota, Itaru Osaka, Kazuo Takimiya and Takao Someya

Corresponding Authors

福田 憲二郎
理化学研究所 創発物性科学研究センター

染谷 隆夫
理化学研究所 創発物性科学研究センター

Textile-compatible photovoltaics play a crucial role as a continuous source of energy in wearable devices. In contrast to other types of energy harvester, they can harvest sufficient electricity (on the order of milliwatts) for wearable devices by utilizing the cloth itself as the platform for photovoltaics. Three features are important for textile-compatible photovoltaics, namely environmental stability, sufficient energy efficiency and mechanical robustness. However, achieving these simultaneously remains difficult because of the low gas barrier properties of ultrathin superstrates and substrates. Here, we report on ultraflexible organic photovoltaics coated on both sides with elastomer that simultaneously realize stretchability and stability in water whilst maintaining a high efficiency of 7.9%. The efficiency of double-side-coated devices decreases only by 5.4% after immersion in water for 120 min. Furthermore, the efficiency of the devices remains at 80% of the initial value even after 52% mechanical compression for 20 cycles with 100 min of water exposure.