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Food science: Beefing up cultured meat

培養肉の生産に用いる食用の足場材料の新しい作製方法について報告する論文が、Nature Food に掲載される。この足場材料は、組織状ダイズタンパク質から作られており、人間が食べる牛肉に似た製品の生産に用いることができる。この牛肉似の製品は、暫定味見試験で、好成績をあげた。


この論文で、Shulamit Levenbergたちは、費用効果が高く、食用に適しており、多孔質タンパク質材料である組織状ダイズタンパク質から足場材料を作製する新しい方法について記述している。Levenbergたちは、この足場材料の大部分が、ウシ衛星細胞に覆われていることを発見した。この衛星細胞は、組織状ダイズタンパク質の足場内に「播種」され、増殖して組織を形成する。また、Levenbergたちは、ウシ平滑筋細胞と共培養した場合とウシ平滑筋細胞とウシ内皮細胞と共培養した場合に細胞外高分子が多く発生するようになり、肉のような食感も改善された。その後、ボランティアがこの製品を調理して、試験を行い、本物の肉に典型的な味、香り、食感があると報告した。


A new method for producing an edible scaffold for growing cultured meat is reported in a paper published in Nature Food. The scaffold, made from textured soy protein, enables cultured cells to grow into a beef-like product for human consumption that performed well in preliminary taste tests.

Cultured, or cell-based, meat is an evolving technology that could generate meat without the need for animal agriculture. Creating cultured tissue requires a 3D scaffold to provide support to the engineered cells and mimic the environment in which animal muscles grow. The scaffold also needs to be edible and have a suitable nutritional value and texture.

Shulamit Levenberg and colleagues describe a new method to create a 3D scaffold out of textured soy protein, which is a cost-effective, edible and porous protein-based material. The authors found that bovine satellite cells — which are ‘seeded’ within the textured soy protein scaffolds where they multiply and create tissue — covered a large portion of the scaffolds. They also found that co-culture with bovine smooth muscle cells and tri-culture with bovine endothelial cells improved the development of extracellular macromolecules, thus creating an enhanced meat-like texture. Volunteers tested the product after cooking and reported that its taste, aroma, and texture were typical of real meat.

The authors conclude that their results may provide the tools for cultured meat to be scaled up to generate new protein sources for human consumption and help reduce reliance on animal agriculture.

doi: 10.1038/s43016-020-0046-5

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