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Evolution: Neanderthals may have heard just like us

ネアンデルタール人は、現生人類と同様の聴力と発声能力を有していたことを、ネアンデルタール人の外耳と中耳のコンピューター断層撮影(CT)スキャンおよび聴覚生体工学モデルによって明らかにした論文が、今週、Nature Ecology & Evolution に掲載される。


Mercedes Conde-Valverdeたちは、既報の化石標本に基づいてバーチャルに復元したものを用いてネアンデルタール人の耳の音響伝送力を調べ、ネアンデルタール人が聞き、そしておそらく発したと考えられる音の範囲を再現した。その結果、ネアンデルタール人は、それ以前のヒト族(ネアンデルタール人の直接の祖先を含む)とは異なり、現生人類と同じ範囲の音を聞くことができ、ネアンデルタール人の聴覚は子音の発声に向けて最適化されていたことが明らかになった。これは、ネアンデルタール人が、現生人類の発声と同じくらい複雑で効率の良い音声コミュニケーション機構を支えるのに必要な聴覚能力を備えていたことを意味している。


Neanderthals had similar hearing and speech capacity to modern humans, according to computerized tomography (CT) scans and auditory bioengineering models of the Neanderthal outer and middle ear reported in a paper published this week in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

In the absence of written records or sound recordings, the language capacity of extinct hominins has remained largely unknown. However, reconstructing and testing models of their ears has provided a means of insight. Recent research has shown that early hominins had less-sophisticated speech and hearing capacity than modern humans.

Mercedes Conde-Valverde and colleagues tested the sound transmission power of the Neanderthal ear using virtual reconstructions based on previously published fossil specimens, and reconstructed the range of sounds that Neanderthals could hear and probably produce. They find that unlike older hominins (including their immediate ancestors), Neanderthals could hear the same range of sounds as modern humans, and their hearing was optimized towards consonant production. This means that Neanderthals had the necessary auditory capabilities to support a vocal communication system as complex and efficient as human speech.

The authors caution that the presence of the anatomical 'hardware' necessary to produce human-like speech in Neanderthals does not necessarily imply the presence of the same mental 'software' as modern humans. However, these findings combined with recent archaeological discoveries about symbolic behaviour in Neanderthals are supportive of the theory that they possessed a type of human language distinct from non-human communication systems.

doi: 10.1038/s41559-021-01391-6

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