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Wind farms top the food chain



Maria Thakerたちは、インドの西ガーツ地方の高原に生息する野生動物を調べ、風力発電所による生態学的な影響が、従来の想定を超えて群集の深くまで及んでいることを明らかにした。風力発電所がない地域では、風力発電所周辺の地域と比べてほぼ4倍の数の捕食性鳥類が観察された。また、Thakerたちは風力発電所周辺で多くのトカゲ類が生息していることを見いだし、これは、こうした地域では捕食性鳥類からの攻撃が少ないためだと考えている。これらのトカゲ類は、ストレスホルモンであるコルチコステロンのレベルが低く、人間が近づいてもなかなか逃げなかった。これは、これらのトカゲ類が、捕食に遭った経験が少ないことを表している可能性がある。


The impact of wind farms on local ecosystems can cascade down the food chain, causing indirect impacts on lower-level animals as if turbines were new apex predators, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Previous studies have shown evidence that wind farms can reduce the local numbers of birds and bats, disrupt bird migration routes and decrease the densities and activities of land mammals. However, it is often assumed that wind turbines’ greatest impacts are confined to flying species.

Maria Thaker and colleagues investigated wildlife on the mountain plateaus of India’s Western Ghats and found that the ecological impact of wind farms reaches further into the community than was previously thought. The authors observed almost four times more predatory birds in areas without wind turbines than around wind-farms. They found more lizards around wind farms, which the authors attribute there being fewer predatory bird attacks in these areas. These lizards also had lower levels of the stress hormone corticosterone and allowed people to get closer before fleeing, which may be signs that they experience less predation.

The authors suggest that wind farms act like an additional level at the top of the food chain, resulting in a cascading effect on nearby animals. Although wind farms are an essential source of renewable energy, the authors suggest that their effect on the local ecology must be taken into account when determining where turbines should be located.

doi: 10.1038/s41559-018-0707-z

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