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Fossil finger points the way to Homo sapiens in Arabia

最古のホモ・サピエンス(Homo sapiens)の化石がアフリカ大陸やレバント地方ではなくアラビア砂漠で発掘され、その年代を直接測定したことを報告する論文が、今週掲載される。

Huw Groucutt、Michael Petragliaたちは、現在のサウジアラビアのアルウスタで出土した指の骨の化石を紹介している。この指の化石は、骨の放射性年代測定法による解析から、8万5000年以上前のものと推定されている。このような人骨の直接的な年代測定は、周囲の堆積物や関連する試料のみに基づく年代測定と比べると信頼性が高いが、常に可能とは限らない。今回のアルウスタの指の骨に関しては、電子スピン共鳴法や光刺激ルミネッセンス法を用いて周囲の動物の骨や堆積物も解析され、年代が裏付けられた。


The earliest directly dated Homo sapiens fossil found outside of Africa and the Levant has been uncovered in the Arabian desert, reports a study published online this week in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Huw Groucutt, Michael Petraglia, and colleagues describe the fossil - a finger bone - which was unearthed at Al Wusta, in what is now Saudi Arabia. The authors conducted radiometric dating on the bone and determined that the finger is at least 85,000 years old. Directly dating human bones like this is more reliable than dating based on overlying sediments or associated materials alone, but is not always possible. For the Al Wusta finger bone, the authors were also able to corroborate the dates from surrounding animal remains and sediments using electron spin resonance and optically stimulated luminescence techniques.

At the time the finger was buried, the climate of the region around Al Wusta was humid and monsoonal. The authors conclude from this early incursion into a 'Green Arabia' that human dispersal out of Africa might have been aided by this enhanced summer rainfall, leading migrating humans to occupy not only the woodlands of the Levant that were sustained by winter rainfall, but also such semi-arid grasslands in the Arabian interior as Al Wusta. The authors suggest that adapting to this new environment would have been an early step on Homo sapiens' path to global success.

doi: 10.1038/s41559-018-0518-2

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