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Scientific community: Affirmative action can achieve gender equity in Australian astronomy by 2050

オーストラリアの天文学に関わる人々のジェンダー間の公正は、積極的是正措置を通じてのみ達成可能だが、その実現にはまだ25年を要することを示した論文が、Nature Astronomy に掲載される。


今回、Lisa Kewleyは、Decadal Plan for Australian Astronomy(10年間のオーストラリアの天文学界の戦略的計画)の中間評価でまとめられたデータを、雇用形態だけでなく、女性と男性の昇進率と離職率を考慮に入れて分析した。その結果、女性が天文学界から離れる頻度は男性の2~3倍であり、離職率が著しく高いことが分かった。次に、Kewleyは、雇用率、昇進率、定年退職率、離職率を与えることで、オーストラリアの女性天文学者の比率を、学術界のあらゆる階層で予測できる全国的な労働人口モデルを作成した。現在の状況が維持された場合、オーストラリアの天文学界の労働人口に女性が占める割合は、今世紀末までどの学術階層でも33%に到達しないと思われる。一方、労働人口における女性の比率を高めようとする一連の政策と手法である積極的是正措置を講じれば、11年以内に33%に到達でき、25年以内にジェンダー間の公正を達成できる。


Gender equity in the Australian astronomy workforce is attainable only through affirmative action, but it would still take 25 years to achieve, according to a study published in Nature Astronomy.

Discussions around the representation of women in astronomy have been picking up over recent years, as part of — and often leading — the broader discussion about discrimination and equity within science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Despite multi-pronged initiatives, including targeted hires and improved and flexible working conditions, demographic data from various international sources show that gender representation has not improved in mid- to senior-level positions over the last decade.

Lisa Kewley analysed data gathered by the Mid-Term Review of the Australian Astronomy Decadal Plan (a strategic plan for Australian astronomy for the next decade), taking into account not only hiring patterns but also promotion and drop-out rates for women and men. She found that women leave astronomy two to three times more frequently than men, which is a significantly higher attrition rate. Kewley then created nationwide workforce models that — for given hiring, promotion, retiring and departure rates — can predict the fraction of Australian women astronomers at every level of academia. If the current status quo is maintained, women will not represent 33% of the Australian astronomy workforce at any academic level by the end of this century. Affirmative action — a set of policies and practices seeking to increase the representation of women in the workforce — on the other hand, can attain 33% representation within 11 years and gender parity within 25.

Kewley concludes that increased hiring rates for women astronomers and improved retention is necessary but not sufficient to achieve true gender equity in astronomy. Clear action against sexism, insults, microaggression, exclusionary behaviour and other forms of discrimination is also required, she argues.

doi: 10.1038/s41550-021-01341-z

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