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Planetary science: Martian surface brines common but not habitable

火星の液体状の塩水は、これまで考えられていたよりもありふれていて、長く存続する可能性があることを示唆した論文が、今週、Nature Astronomy に掲載される。しかし、今回の研究は、塩水の特性と温度が地球の微生物の生存に適さないことも示唆している。


今回、Edgard Rivera-Valentin たちは、実験的に妥当性が検証された熱力学モデルを気候モデルと組み合わせて、火星のどこで塩水が生成されるのかと、それがどのくらいの期間存続するかを調べた。その結果、火星表面の最大40%(赤道までの全ての緯度)で、安定な塩水を保持できることが明らかになった。また、これらの塩水は、火星の1年の最大2%の間、最大6時間連続で存続する可能性がある。著者たちは、地表下の塩水が、深さ8センチメートルの所では、火星の1年の最大10%にわたって存続する可能性があることも見いだした。


Liquid brines on Mars may be more common, and can last longer, than previously thought, suggests a paper published in Nature Astronomy. However, the study also suggests that the properties and temperatures of the brines make them inhospitable for Earth’s microorganisms.

Stable liquid water is unable to persist on the surface of Mars, as the planet’s atmosphere is too thin and cold. However, the presence of salts can create liquid substances, like brines, that can last stably for some time under Martian conditions.

Edgard Rivera-Valentín and colleagues combined an experimentally validated thermodynamic model with a climate model to investigate where brines could form on Mars and for how long. They found that up to 40% of the Martian surface, at all latitudes down to the equator, could host stable brines. These brines could last for up to six consecutive hours and during up to 2% of the entire Martian year. The authors also found that brines in the subsurface could last up to 10% of the Martian year at a depth of 8 cm.

The authors note that these brines cannot be classified as ‘Special Regions’ according to Planetary Protection policies, as they cannot sustain terrestrial life. The locations of the stable brines could be targets for future Martian exploration, since the risk of biological contamination from Earth is negligible.

doi: 10.1038/s41550-020-1080-9

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