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Extragalactic void pushes Milky (a)Way


そのようなボイドの存在はこれまでも提案されていたが、銀河が存在しないことの観測的な確証を得ることは困難であるとされていた。Yehuda Hoffmanたちは、銀河系周辺の銀河における特異速度(宇宙の膨張速度を超える速度)を代わりに研究し、特異速度の異なるデータセットとそれらの特性の精密な統計的解析を結び付けた。この研究で、Hoffmanはダイポール・リペラー(双極反発子)と定義したボイドから銀河が流れ出ていることを明らかにした。シャプレー・アトラクターと呼ばれる、銀河を集結させる既知の引力とともに、Hoffmanたちは2つの力が銀河系の運動を支配していると提案する。


The presence of a large region in our extragalactic neighbourhood that is largely devoid of galaxies is reported in Nature Astronomy this week. This extragalactic void appears to be exerting a repelling force on our Local Group of galaxies, contributing to the gravitational forces affecting the Milky Way’s cosmic trajectory.

The presence of such a void has been suggested previously, but obtaining observational confirmation of the absence of galaxies has proved challenging. Yehuda Hoffman and colleagues instead studied the peculiar velocities - velocities in excess of the Universe’s rate of expansion - of galaxies around the Milky Way, combining different datasets of peculiar velocities with a rigorous statistical analysis of their properties. This investigation revealed that galaxies are flowing away from a void that the authors defined as the dipole repeller. Together with the gravitational pull of the previously known concentration of galaxies dubbed the Shapley attractor, the authors suggest that the two objects dominate the motion of the Milky Way.

The identification of the dipole repeller finally reconciles observations of both the direction and value of the Milky Way’s (about two million kilometres per hour) peculiar velocity. Future ultra-sensitive surveys at optical, near-infrared and radio wavelengths are required to directly identify the handful of galaxies expected to lie in this void and directly confirm the flow of galaxies away from empty regions and towards regions of high mass concentration.

doi: 10.1038/s41550-016-0036

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