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Communications Biology

Offshore structures provide feeding hotspot for seabirds

沖合の人工構造物が海鳥の採餌ホットスポットになっていることを報告する論文が、Communications Biology に掲載される。この知見は、沖合に人工構造物を建設することの生態学的影響を幅広く理解する助けとなる。


今回、Lilian Lieberたちの研究グループは、後流を作り出す構造物(潮汐発電用タービン構造物、岩石島、天然の渦流構造)から1キロメートル以内で、アジサシ亜科鳥類の採餌パターンを調べた。その結果、人工構造物の上空で採餌を行う個体が3倍多いことが観察され、人工構造物が作り出した乱流後流が水柱全体で物質の混合を引き起こし、餌となる生物を移動させるベルトコンベヤーとして作用している可能性があり、これによって海面で採餌する捕食者が餌を捕えやすくなっていることが明らかになった。


Man-made offshore structures provide a foraging hotspot for seabirds, according to a new study published online in Communications Biology. These findings help provide a broader understanding of the ecological consequences of establishing such structures offshore.

Surface-feeding seabirds, like terns, rely on turbulence, or shallow upwellings, to feed. Turbulence brings prey closer to the water’s surface, allowing seabirds better access despite being restricted to shallow diving techniques. Offshore man-made structures, built to produce renewable energies, change local water flow systems. Previous research has found that fish can use offshore structures as a refuge. However, the implications for seabird predators have not yet been examined.

Lilian Lieber and colleagues examined the foraging patterns of terns (Sternidae) within 1 kilometre of wake-producing structures: a man-made tidal energy turbine structure, a rock island, and a natural whirlpool structure. The authors observed three times as many birds foraging over the man-made structure. They found that the turbulent man-made wake mixes material throughout the water column, potentially acting as a prey conveyer belt, thereby making prey available for surface foraging predators.

The authors suggest that addition of more offshore structures, and subsequent removal, may have a larger ecological impact than previously thought.

doi: 10.1038/s42003-019-0364-z

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