COVID-19 Middle East Map

Published online 18 June 2020

Weekly updated World Health Organization figures on COVID-19 cases and deaths within the Arab region.

Nature Middle East staff

Youssef Khalil
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Arab entrepreneurs are tackling the pandemic head-on with artificial intelligence, telehealth, 3D-printed ventilator parts, and contact tracing apps.

Arab institutions ramp up COVID-19 research

Researchers in Arab institutions have joined the global effort to understand, monitor, test and control the spread of COVID-19.

Stricter control of wildlife trade needed to reduce virus risk

COVID-19 has put the illegal wildlife trade under the spotlight by highlighting the threat posed to human health.

A silver lining for research at a time of pandemic

Scientists are using time away from their labs to dig deeply into their data.

Providing context for COVID-19 numbers in the Arab region

Nature Middle East asked Ghina Mumtaz, an epidemiologist working in Lebanon, about the spread of COVID-19 in the Arab region.

Syria reports first COVID-19 case

Syria has confirmed its first case of COVID-19 sparking new concerns for a country with a crumbling healthcare system.

Arab country resources on COVID-19

Residents in Arab countries can find local instructions and guidance regarding COVID-19 on the following websites.

Arab countries brace against COVID-19

Across the region, an increasing number of COVID-19 cases are being confirmed as the region takes measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Refugees and displaced highly vulnerable to COVID-19

Humanitarian actors across the region are scrambling to ensure the most vulnerable are not left behind as spread of COVID-19 continues unabated.