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Nature is the world's foremost weekly scientific journal and is the flagship journal for Springer Nature. Launched in 1869, its original mission statement still leads the Group as we develop publications, explore opportunities arising from new technology and serve a growing audience of readers.

Nature has been active in the Asia-Pacific region since the formation of Nature Japan K.K., (NJKK) in Tokyo in 1987, a part of Springer Nature. Since that time, NJKK has been the center of Nature’s business in the Asia-Pacific region, and has developed new unique business units in areas such as medical communications and science communication that have since been exported to the rest of the group worldwide.

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Antoine Bocquet

Nature's original mission statement was published for the first time on 11 November 1869. The journal's original mission statement was revised in 2000.

FIRST, to place before the general public the grand results of Scientific Work and Scientific Discovery ; and to urge the claims of Science to a more general recognition in Education and in Daily Life;

And, SECONDLY, to aid Scientific men themselves, by giving early information of all advances made in any branch of Natural knowledge throughout the world, and by affording them an opportunity of discussing the various Scientific questions which arise from time to time.

  • Publication of the print and online versions of Nature in Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Nature Publishing Group)
  • Sales and advertising for Nature, Nature sister journals and NPG published academic journals in the Asia-Pacific (Nature Publishing Group)
  • Provide customized products and services for medical and pharmaceutical industries (Macmillan Medical Communications)
  • Provide customized products and services for scientific research institutions and corporations in the Asia-Pacific (Macmillan Scientific Communications)
  • Partnerships with societies and institutes for the publication of academic journals (Nature Publishing Group)
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