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集中! 脳の活動が注意力を改善

Nature Neuroscience

Pay attention - brain activity can improve focus


注意散漫は日常生活で誰にでもよく起こり、こうした過失は生産性を損ない事故を引き起こしかねない。Nicholas Turk-Browneほかの研究者は、注意力を求められる課題において、ニューロフィードバック(脳のその時点での状態に関する情報)を伴う練習が被験者の成績を改善するのに役立つかを調べた。Turk-Browneらは被験者の神経活動を監視するために機能的磁気共鳴画像法(fMRI)を用いた。被験者は顔や風景などを重ねた複数の要素からなる画像を見せられ、ある素材から別の素材へと焦点を移動するよう要求される。この視覚による識別課題の間、注意が逸脱する兆しを調べた。神経活動をリアルタイムで監視し、被験者の注意がそれたことが示されたときには、課題の難易度が上げられた。その結果Turk-Browneらは、被験者が1回の練習期間だけでこのフィードバック情報を成績改善に利用することを発見した。


Real-time monitoring of brain activity can be used to enhance attention, reports a study published online this week in Nature Neuroscience. The results could have important implications in occupational, educational, and clinical settings.

Drifts in attention occur often in our daily lives, and these lapses can lead to lost productivity and accidents. Nicholas Turk-Browne and colleagues examined whether training with neurofeedback (information about the brain’s current state) could be used to improve participants’ performance in an attention-demanding task. The authors used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to monitor participants’ neural activity for signs of lapsed attention during a visual discrimination task where participants were shown composite pictures of superimposed faces and scenes, and asked to focus on one or the other. When real-time monitoring of neural activity indicated that a participant’s attention had drifted, the task was made more difficult. The authors found that the participants used this feedback to improve their performance after only one training session.

This study suggests that a person’s neural activity, particularly from brain regions linked to attention, can be converted into useful feedback signals to help maintain focus and improve performance in situations that demand attention.

doi: 10.1038/nn.3940

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