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脳の聴覚皮質は、静寂でも音を連想させる視覚刺激によって活性化されるとの画像化研究の報告が、Nature Neuroscience(電子版)にある。この研究は、音を暗示するだけで無音の視覚刺激によって、聴覚皮質は活性化するのみならず、その活性が音の種類、例えば動物音や楽器、物体などにより異なることを示している。

A Damasioらは、MRIスキャナーに被験者かけ、吠える犬やバイオリンを演奏する音楽家など、音を案じするが音のないビデオを見せた。スキャン画像のデータを解析したところ、ビデオを見ていた被験者から得た聴覚皮質の記録は、動物と楽器と音の出る物体とで明確に区別できることをDamasioらは発見した。


The auditory cortex is activated by silent, but sound-associated, visual stimuli reports an imaging study published online this week in Nature Neuroscience. The study shows that not only is the auditory cortex activated by silent visual stimuli that are sound-implying but that this activity also differentiates between sounds related to different categories such as animals, musical instruments and objects.

Antonio Damasio and his colleagues placed participants in an MRI scanner, while showing them silent, short videos which contained an implied sound ― for example, a dog barking or a musician playing a violin. When they analyzed the imaging data they found that activity from the auditory cortex recorded while subjects were seeing these videos was sufficient to classify whether the images being seen showed animals, musical instruments, or sound-producing objects.

The auditory cortex is usually thought to be activated only by sounds, and this study adds to evidence supporting the idea that sensory cortex activity is not driven entirely by sensory stimulation such as actually hearing a sound, but instead, also reflects perceptual experiences.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2533

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