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聴覚障害をもつラットは、訓練によって音の同定問題を克服できるのでは、と以前から考えられていた。この推測はどうやら当たっていた。Nature Neuroscience(電子版)の研究によると、ある音を別の音から区別する訓練を受けながら育ったラットは、神経細胞の忠実度に改善がみられる。


以前の研究で、時間処理に影響する神経細胞応答は訓練で改善できることが明らかになっていたが、これらはすべて成人の健常者に対して行われたものだ。X ZhouとM Merzenichは、発生途上で障害を受けたラットがこの訓練で神経応答を変化させられるかどうかを調べた。異常な環境で育てられたため最初は皮質応答の低下していたラットを訓練すると、目的の音を背景となる多種多様な雑音から聞き分ける能力が改善することがわかった。訓練終了後少なくとも2カ月は、皮質ニューロン応答の時間的忠実度の改善が保たれていた。


Rats with hearing deficits can be trained to overcome their sound identification problems, something researchers previously only speculated was possible. The animals, raised to struggle to distinguish one sound from another, display improved neuronal fidelity, according to research in Nature Neuroscience this week.

Temporal processing is important for distinguishing speech from background noise. It has been suggested that deficits in temporal processing in young children can lead to delayed and impaired language development, as well as problems in reading.

Previous studies have shown that it is possible to improve neuronal responses which affect temporal processing with training, but these were all carried out in unimpaired adults. Xiaoming Zhou and Michael Merzenich look at whether this training could alter the neural responses in developmentally impaired rats. They found that in animals that had reduced cortical responses initially, due to being raised in an abnormal environment, training improved the ability to distinguish a target noise from many different background noises. This was accompanied by an improvement in the temporal fidelity of cortical neuron responses that was maintained for at least 2 months after the training ended.

In humans, it has been suggested that intensive training to improve temporal processing in children is successful as it helps them code auditory information better. This study suggests that behavioral training affects auditory responses in an area normally involved in temporal processing.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2239

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