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New targets for anti-parasitic drugs



Aude Pedenたちは、線虫をベタインに曝し、この物質の効果を変化させる変異を線虫の2種類のタンパク質で明らかにした。これらタンパク質の1つは SNF-3という、ベタインを細胞の内外に輸送する分子であった。SNF-3が変異すると、線虫は高度に収縮し麻痺するようになる。これはおそらく、ベタイン排出に失敗するためだろう。他のタンパク質、ACR-23というベタイン受容体の変異は、線虫をベタインの毒性に対し不感にし、SNF-3の変異した線虫で麻痺を防ぐ作用さえ示した。ACR-23は移動を促進するニューロンで発現していた。このことは、ベタインによるACR-23の通常の活性化が線虫に高度の収縮を引き起こし、麻痺させ、最終的には殺す理由を明らかにしている。このように Pedenたちは、ベタインの示す抗寄生虫効果の可能な仕組みを特定している。

The mechanism by which the compound betaine, an anti-parasitic agent found in seaweed, works as a pesticide against nematode worms is reported in a paper published this week in Nature Neuroscience. By uncovering a mechanism of action for betaine, this study could help provide leads for the development of new molecules to overcome the increasing prevalence of multidrug resistance in parasitic worms.

Early farmers used seaweed as a natural pesticide to protect plants and livestock but the reason why seaweed was an effective pesticide was unclear. More recently, studies have shown that betaine—which is present in seaweed—arrests nematode larval development, but the molecular target and pathway for its effect still remained unknown.

Aude Peden and colleagues exposed nematode worms to betaine and identified mutations in two separate worm proteins that modulated the effect of this compound. One of these proteins was SNF-3, a molecule that transports betaine in and out of cells. When SNF-3 was mutated, worms hypercontracted and became paralyzed, possibly because of a failure in betaine clearance. Mutations in the other protein, a betaine receptor called ACR-23, made the worms impervious to the toxic effects of betaine and even prevented paralysis in the SNF-3 mutant worms. ACR-23 was expressed in neurons stimulating locomotion, which explained why normal activation of ACR-23 by betaine led worms to become hypercontracted, paralyzed and to eventually die. The authors thus identify a possible mechanism for the anti-parasitic effects of betaine.

doi: 10.1038/nn.3575

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