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A natural predisposition to brain tumors


Zeng-jie Yangらは、新生マウスの小脳に、DNAの損傷修復の能力が減少している前駆細胞群を発見した。損傷したDNAを持つ細胞が分裂し細胞数を増やすと、腫瘍が生じる。これと同じように、今回新たに発見された、DNA修復能の減少している前駆細胞群は、腫瘍を生じる傾向がふつうよりも高い可能性がある。この発見は、腫瘍がDNAを傷める外的な要因により生じるとはかぎらず、発生過程で一部の細胞の持つ、もとからの傾向の結果である可能性も示唆している。

A previously unidentified group of progenitor cells in the cerebellum region of the mouse brain may naturally be more prone to developing into tumors rather than neurons, reports a paper published online this week in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Zeng-jie Yang and colleagues discovered progenitors in the cerebellum of newborn mice that have a reduced ability to repair damage to their DNA. When cells with damaged DNA divide and create more cells, tumors can result. As such, these newly discovered progenitors-with their reduced capacity for DNA repair-may be more predisposed to developing tumors. These findings suggest that tumors may not only arise from outside factors that damage DNA, but they could also result from the natural properties of particular cells during development.

doi: 10.1038/nn.3553

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