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Mutation links intellectual impairment, schizophrenia and autism


数世紀にわたる民族移動のパターンが原因で、フィンランド北部のある地域では統合失調症の発症率が高くなっている。この集団を研究したNelson Freimer、Utz Fischerらは、集団内のある者ではゲノムにTOP3b遺伝子を含む小さな欠失があり、この変異は認知障害と統合失調症の危険性を増加させることを発見した。

これとは別の研究で、Weidong Wang、Sige Zouらは、TOP3bタンパク質はRNAに結合して解きほぐし、この過程は別のRNA結合タンパク質、FMRPとの相互作用に依存することを報告している。FMRPタンパク質をコードする遺伝子は脆弱X症候群では変異している。この疾患には、知的障害と自閉症がしばしば伴う。WangとZouの研究チームはまた、FMRPが結合する多くのRNAは同じくTOP3bとも結合し、ハエやネズミではFMRPの変異と同様にTOP3bの変異が異常なシナプス形成の原因となることを示している。

Genetic and biochemical evidence that RNA binding protein, TOP3b, may be a common factor in schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, and intellectual impairment is reported by two papers published this week in Nature Neuroscience. Taken together with prior findings that schizophrenia and autism may share common genetic risk factors, these studies identify potential biological processes that may be related to the cognitive deficits shared by these disorders.

Due to migration patterns over the centuries, a region in Northern Finland has a high incidence of schizophrenia. By studying this population, Nelson Freimer, Utz Fischer and colleagues found that some of these individuals carry a small deletion in their genomes that includes the gene TOP3b and that this mutation increases the risk for cognitive impairment and schizophrenia.

In an independent study, Weidong Wang, Sige Zou and colleagues report that the TOP3b protein binds to and unwinds RNA and that this process depends on interactions with another RNA binding protein, FMRP. The gene encoding the FRMP protein is mutated in Fragile X syndrome, a disorder that often includes the presence of intellectual disability and autism. Wang and Zou’s team also showed that many of the RNAs bound by FMRP were also bound by TOP3b and that similar to mutations in FMRP, mutations of TOP3b caused abnormal synapse development in flies and mice.

doi: 10.1038/nn.3484


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