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How needles pierce pain

鍼治療は多種多様な痛みを軽減するが、その作用機構については、強力なプラセボ効果が考えられる以外はよくわかっていない。Nature Neuroscience(電子版)に発表される研究によると、鍼治療は、疼痛を緩和する治療のカギを握る痛覚抑制受容体を局所的に活性化することが示されている。

M Nedergaardらはマウスの膝周辺にある伝統的な鍼のツボにあたる場所に細い鍼を刺し、鍼師が行うように小刻みに回転した。足に炎症のあるマウスではこれにより疼痛反応が軽減され、また、神経伝達物質アデノシンの組織濃度が局所的に激増した。除痛には痛覚伝達神経線維上にある特定のアデノシン受容体が必要であり、この受容体はこれら線維の活性を低下させることが知られている。ツボに鍼を刺しただけで回転させない場合は、除痛やアデノシン上昇は認められなかった。生体組織内のアデノシンの半減期を延ばす薬剤は、マウスにおいて鍼治療による疼痛減弱効果の延長を促進することも述べられている。


Acupuncture can relieve many kinds of pain, but it remains unclear how it might work, beyond the possibility of a strong placebo effect. A study published online in Nature Neuroscience now shows that acupuncture locally activates pain-suppressing receptors which could be the key to the treatment's ability to relieve pain.

Maiken Nedergaard and colleagues inserted fine needles into the mouse equivalent of a traditional acupuncture point near the knee, and rotated these needles intermittently as is practiced by acupuncturists. This alleviated the pain reactions of mice with an inflamed paw, and it also strongly increased the local tissue concentration of the neurotransmitter adenosine. Pain relief required the presence of a particular adenosine receptor. It is known that this receptor resides on pain-transmitting nerve fibers and can reduce the activity of these fibers. The authors found that no pain relief or adenosine elevation was observed when the needles were simply inserted into the acupuncture point without rotation. They also noted that a drug that prolongs the lifetime of adenosine in live tissue helped to prolong the pain-attenuating effect of mouse acupuncture.

It should be noted that while this work suggests a mechanism for local pain relief by acupuncture, it does not in any way endorse the ancient mystical idea that the needles work by correcting some aberrant "qi" energy flow along "meridians". Instead, the authors propose a model whereby the minor tissue injury caused by rotated needles triggers adenosine release, which, if close enough to pain-transmitting nerves, can lead to the suppression of local pain.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2562

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