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Clocking perceptual speed

知覚情報を識別するにはどれくらいの時間がかかるだろうか。Nature Neuroscience(電子版)に発表される研究成果によると、サルは色などの知覚情報を識別するのに約30ミリ秒しか必要としない。


E Salinasらはサルに色つきの点を見せ、点に気づいたことを示す動作を次の合図を見てから行うよう訓練し、この問題を回避した。さらに、サルの行動の基盤となる過程を説明する計算モデルを構築し、サルに後の行動をとらせるのに必要な色の表示時間は30~50ミリ秒というデータを裏付けている。

How long does it take to discriminate perceptual information? A study published online this week in Nature Neuroscience reports that monkeys need only about 30 milliseconds to distinguish perceptual information such as colors.

Studying perceptual speed is difficult, because it requires dissociating the time taken to perceive a stimulus from other processes, such as making an action to indicate what has been seen.

Emilio Salinas and colleagues avoided this problem by training monkeys to withhold the action ― which would indicate their perception of presented colored spots ― until they see a later cue. The scientists also construct a computational model to explain the processes underlying the monkeys' behavior, which confirms their data that a color needs to be presented for 30-50 milliseconds in order to influence the actions later made by the monkeys.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2485

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