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Nature Neuroscience

Understanding schizophrenia

Nature Neuroscience(電子版)に発表される論文によれば、神経伝達物質のシグナル伝達機能の障害により、統合失調症でみられるのとよく似た病的行動が生じることがある。これは、精神病に付随する障害の新たな治療標的を開発するうえで、重要な発見である可能性がある。

K Nakazawaらは、神経伝達物質であるグルタミン酸に特異的に機能する受容体を欠損したマウス系統を作出した。この受容体は認知機能、情動、記憶にかかわる脳領域に局在する抑制性ニューロンに存在する。欠損マウスは空間的作業記憶の変化や不安の増大など、さまざまな精神病の症状を発した。しかし、受容体機能障害が青年期以降まで起こらないよう遺伝子改変したマウスでは、精神病様の症状は現れなかった。つまり、グルタミン酸シグナル伝達障害が発達中に集中して起こると、異常行動の原因になることを示唆する。



Dysfunction of neurotransmitter signalling can cause pathological behaviour similar to that seen in schizophrenia, according to a paper published online in the journal Nature Neuroscience. This finding may prove important for developing future therapeutic targets for disorders associated with psychosis.

Kazu Nakazawa and colleagues created a line of mice that lacked a particular functional receptor for the neurotransmitter glutamate in the inhibitory neurons located in brain regions responsible for cognitive function, emotion and memory. These mice developed various psychotic symptoms including changes in spatial working memory and increased anxiety. However, when the authors engineered the mice so that the receptor dysfunction would not occur until after adolescence, the mice showed no psychosis-like symptoms, suggesting that dysfunction of glutamate signalling specifically during development was responsible for the irregular behaviour.

Although there is thought to be a genetic contribution to schizophrenia, this disorder has not been linked to specific mutations in glutamate receptors. This mouse model aims to specifically test the 'glutamate' hypothesis in schizophrenia, which is based on evidence that various drugs of abuse that affect glutamate signalling also induce a variety of symptoms which are typically seen in schizophrenia, including social withdrawal and psychosis.

Regardless of whether these specific changes in glutamate transmission are found in human patients, this mouse model can be used to understand the changes that lead to psychotic behaviour.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2447

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