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脳の前頭葉を損傷すると、行動を制御できなくなる結果、衝動的で攻撃的になる。前頭葉は認知の制御や、意思決定と計画の立案に必要な心的資源の配分調節にも重要である。Nature Neuroscience(電子版)に発表される研究によると、前頭葉後部は具体的な行動の認知制御に、前部は抽象的な行動の認知制御にかかわっていることがわかった。

D Badreらは、前頭葉のさまざまな部分に損傷を受けた患者を調査し、より抽象的な行動(友人に電子メールを送るかどうか決めるなど)か、より具体的な行動(電子メールを入力するために実際にキーを打つなど)を要する課題を行った。前頭葉の後部を損傷した患者は、抽象的な行動より具体的な行動に障害があったのに対し、前部を損傷した患者は、具体的な行動より抽象的な行動に障害があった。


Scientists have discovered that the process involved in decision making occurs in different areas of the brain's frontal lobe, depending on whether the decision is abstract or more concrete.

Damage to the frontal lobes of the brain can impair behavioural control, resulting in impulsivity and aggression. The frontal lobes are also important for cognitive control, or the ability to regulate the allocation of mental resources required for decision-making and planning. A study published online in Nature Neuroscience now finds that the tail end of the frontal lobes is more involved in cognitive control of more concrete actions, whereas the front end is more involved in cognitive control of more abstract actions.

David Badre and colleagues studied patients who had sustained damage to various parts of their frontal lobes. They had the patients do tasks which required either more abstract (for example, deciding whether to email a friend) or more concrete actions (such as actually hitting the keys required to type the email).? They found that patients with damage to the tail end of the frontal lobes were more likely to be impaired at performing concrete but not abstract actions. Conversely, patients with damage toward the front end of the lobes were more likely to be impaired at performing abstract but not concrete actions.

The frontal lobes are a large structure, and although earlier work had suggested that cognitive control in these lobes is organized hierarchically, with different parts of the frontal lobes regulating different types of decisions, this report represents the first direct evidence for this organization.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2277

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