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How scratching relieves itch

痒みを感じているときに限って、皮膚をひっかくとある種の脊髄ニューロンの活動が低下するとの報告が、Nature Neuroscienceに掲載される。この研究は、痒みはそれだけで脊髄に特殊な状態を誘導し、ひっかくことで痒み感覚を脳に伝えるニューロンの活動を減少させる可能性があることを示唆している。


G J Giesler Jrらは、霊長類で痒みを感じているときに皮膚をひっかくと脊髄視床路のニューロン活動が阻害されることを示している。興味深いのは、痒みを感じていない実験動物では、このニューロンの活動はひっかいても止まらなかったことである。

Scratching decreases activity in some spinal cord neurons only during itchiness, according to research published in Nature Neuroscience this week. The work suggests that itchiness itself may induce a specific state in the spinal cord that allows scratching to decrease the activity of the neurons transmitting the itch sensation to the brain.

Everyone knows that scratching relieves itch, but the physiological mechanisms for how this works are poorly understood. Work with both humans and primates has suggested that a specific part of the spinal chord the spinothalamic tract is important for the sensation, and that neurons here are more active when itchy substances are applied to the skin.

Glenn J. Giesler, Jr. and colleagues now show that scratching the skin of primates blocks the activity of spinothalamic neurons during itchiness. Interestingly, the activity of these neurons was not stopped by scratching under conditions when the primate was not itchy.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2292

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