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Nature Neuroscience

Replay of neural patterns during sleep

神経活動の学習関連パターンは睡眠中に脳内で再生され、この再生が記憶の固定に重要かもしれないと示唆されている。Nature Neuroscience(電子版)の論文によると、内側前頭前野(mPFC)における再生活動が初めて観察され、海馬(記憶の形成や想起に寄与することが知られる領域)でも同様のパターンが同時に発生することが発見された。

S Wienerらは、ラットが迷路の進み方を学習しているときと、学習後に眠っているときのmPFCニューロン群の活動を記録した。迷路の抜け方を学習するにつれてmPFCニューロンの活動は変化し、その後の睡眠中に類似した活動パターンが再び現れた。この再生現象はたいてい、海馬でも定型的な活動として同時に起こった。


Learning-related patterns of neural activity replay in the brain during sleep, and it has been suggested that this replay may be important for the consolidation of memory. A paper in this week's Nature Neuroscience reports the first observation of replay activity in the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), finding that it coincides with similar patterns in the hippocampus, an area known to contribute to memory formation and retrieval.

Sidney Wiener and colleagues recorded activity from groups of mPFC neurons in rats while they learned which way to turn in a maze and while the animals slept post-learning. As the animals learned their way around the maze, the activity of the mPFC neurons changed. Similar patterns of activity were replayed afterwards while they rats slept. These replay events usually occurred at the same time as stereotyped activity in the hippocampus.

The medial prefrontal cortex is thought to play a critical role in decision-making, and has previously been implicated in memory. These results however are the first to look at its activity during sleep, supporting the idea that neural activity during sleep may play a role in memory consolidation.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2337

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