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空間ナビゲーションを行う脳領域にある特定の細胞の活性化パターンは、厳密に位置を確認できるようにする斬新な数学的符合化方式と類似点があることが、Nature Neuroscience(電子版)の論文で報告されている。


S SrinivasanとI Fieteの研究は、グリッド細胞の設計原理が、オンライン小売業者Amazonのものと同じかもしれないと示唆している。Amazonでは、注文を間違いなく確実に完了するためにこの設計原理を利用している。Amazonの倉庫は、店舗とは違って類似商品を隣どうしにおく必要はなく、例えばサイズ12のTシャツがサイズ違いの同じTシャツの隣ではなく、書籍の隣にあるかもしれない。混同を避けるため類似商品を近くに置かないというこの基本原則に従うことで、注文品を集める際に間違う可能性が減る。


The pattern of activity in specific cells in brain regions responsible for spatial navigation is comparable with a novel mathematical coding scheme which allows for very accurate localization, reports a study published online this week in Nature Neuroscience.

Grid cells are a class of neurons mainly found in the entorhinal cortex, a region important to memory and navigation. These neurons respond in an unusual, repeating pattern according to where an animal is located, responding more when an animal is at certain places. For example, grid cells are likely to be important for coding where a rat is in a complicated maze, but it is unclear how this repeating pattern might help such localization.

Sameet Srinivasan and Ila Fiete’s work suggests that grid cells might be taking advantage of the same design principle that the online retailer Amazon uses to ensure accurate order fulfilment. The Amazon warehouse, unlike a store floor, does not need to keep similar items next to each other: a size 12 T-shirt, for example, might be next to books, rather than next to identical T-shirts of other sizes. This reduces the possibility of errors when packing an order following the fundamental principle that similar items should not be placed close to each other, to avoid confusion.

Similarly, the authors suggest that grid cells code locations in such a way that similar locations are placed further apart in an abstract mathematical ‘coding space’, which means the animal is less likely to mix up similar locations.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2901

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