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Animals in the amygdala

扁桃体は、情動の制御や調節にかかわるとされる脳の領域である。意外にも、この扁桃体が動物の絵に特異的に応答することが、Nature Neuroscience(電子版)に報告される。

F Mormannらは、薬剤耐性のてんかんに対処するために脳外科処置を受けた希少な患者群から神経活動の記録をとった。このような外科処置を施す前段階として、外科処置の対象領域を定めるために、脳に記録用の電極を埋め込み、てんかん発作を引き起こす脳領域を明らかにしようと試みる。Mormannらは、この手術前の監視装置を利用し、患者が動物や景観、物体、人物などの絵を見たときに埋め込んだ電極の活動がどのように変化するかを調べた。すると、患者が動物の絵を見ているときに、脳の右側にある扁桃体での活動が活発になることがわかった。これらの絵については、神経応答も速くなっていた。Mormannらは非侵襲的機能的磁気共鳴画像法を用い、てんかんを起こさない人の右扁桃体についても、動物の絵に対する特異的応答を確認できた。


The amygdala ― a brain area known for emotional control and regulation ― also unexpectedly responds specifically to animal pictures reports a paper published online in Nature Neuroscience this week.

Florian Mormann and colleagues obtained recordings of neural activity from a rare group of human patients, who had to undergo brain surgery to control drug-resistant epilepsy. Before such surgery can be carried out, doctors implant recording electrodes in the brain, to find out which brain areas are triggering the epilepsy attacks, so that the surgery can be targeted to these areas. The authors took advantage of this pre-surgery monitoring to look how activity in the implanted electrodes changed when the patients looked at pictures of animals, landmarks, objects or people. They found that activity in the amygdala on the right side of the brain was greater when the patients were looking at pictures of animals. The neural responses were also faster for these pictures. Using non-invasive functional magnetic resonance imaging, the authors were also able to see such specific responses to animal pictures in the right amygdala of people who were not suffering from epilepsy as well.

It is unclear why they should be such specific responses to animal pictures in the brain. The authors suggest that one possible explanation is that during our evolutionary history, seeing another animal (which could represent either predator or prey) may have been especially significant and thus trigger emotional responses to the stimuli.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2899

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