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Synaptic loss in a mouse model for Alzheimer’s disease

アルツハイマー病のモデルマウスにシナプスの減少や認知能力の低下をもたらす早期の病理過程が解明され、Nature Neuroscience(電子版)に報告される。この早期の病態は、低分子薬剤によって抑制できるかもしれない。

F Cecconiらは、ヒトの遺伝性アルツハイマー病の原因となる変異遺伝子をもつマウスを研究した。このマウスは、身の危険を感じる環境を覚える能力を、生後3か月で失う。研究グループは、酵素カスパーゼ-3がマウスの海馬で同時期に活性化することを突き止めた。海馬は、記憶に極めて重要な脳領域である。カスパーゼ-3は神経細胞死の引き金となるが、この場合海馬の神経細胞は死なず、カスパーゼ-3活性が第二の酵素の活性化を介して海馬シナプスの重要な受容体分子を除去するので、シナプスの機能が損なわれる。研究者らは、カスパーゼ-3阻害薬はシナプスからの受容体欠損を防ぎ、マウスが記憶を維持して痛い電気ショックを受けた飼育箱を覚えていられるようになったことを示している。


An early pathological process that leads to synaptic loss and decline of cognitive ability in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease is unraveled in a paper online this week in Nature Neuroscience. This early pathology could be inhibited by a small molecule drug.

Francesco Cecconi and colleagues studied mice that carry a mutated gene known to cause a hereditary form of Alzheimer's disease in people. At the age of three months, these mice lose the ability to remember a threatening environment. The group found that at the same age, the enzyme caspase-3 was activated in the mice's hippocampus ― a brain structure crucial to memory. Caspase-3 is a trigger of nerve cell death, however in this case no hippocampal neurons died. Instead, caspase-3 activity, via activation of a second enzyme, caused the removal of crucial receptor molecules from hippocampal synapses, thereby impairing synapse function. They show that inhibitor of caspase-3 prevented receptor loss from the synapses, and conserved the mice's ability to remember a cage where they had received painful electric shocks.

It remains to be tested, however, whether a caspase-3-dependent mechanism is also responsible for memory decline in early stage Alzheimer's patients, and whether inhibitors of caspase-3 might slow progress of the disease in people.

doi: 10.1038/nn.2709

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