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A brain-based marker for sustained attention


一部の精神作用(例えば、素早い推論や作業記憶)を実行する能力は確実に測定できるようになっているが、注意に関する標準化された尺度を決めることは難しい課題となっている。今回、Monica Rosenbergたちの研究チームは、機能的磁気共鳴画像法(fMRI)を用いて、注意の持続(難易度の高い課題に集中する能力)を示す脳内の尺度を明らかにした。今回の研究では、最初に25人の参加者(年齢18~32歳の12人の男性と13人の女性)が安静にしている時と継続的な注意の集中を要する課題に取り組んでいる時の脳活動記録を行った。それをもとに脳内ネットワークの接続性の強さと課題の成績の関係がモデル化され、それを利用して、モデル作製にデータが利用されていない参加者の注意能力を予測できることが分かった。この予測は、課題を実行している際の接続性に基づくネットワークの強さからでも安静時の接続性に基づくネットワークの強さからでも可能だった。



The strength of particular brain networks in healthy adults can predict an individual’s ability to maintain attention, reports a study published online this week in Nature Neuroscience. Network models developed from these patterns of brain connectivity are also shown to predict attention deficits in children and adolescents.

Although ability for some mental processes, such as quick reasoning and working memory, can be reliably measured, a standardized measure for attention has been more elusive. Monica Rosenberg and colleagues used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to identify a brain-based measure of sustained attention-the ability to maintain focus on a demanding task. The authors first recorded the brain activity of 25 participants (12 male, 13 female, aged 18-32 years) as they rested or performed a task that required continuous focus. After modeling the relationship between the strength of brain network connectivity and task performance, they found that their models could predict attentional ability in participants whose data had not been used to build the models, regardless of whether network strength was based on task-related or resting-state connectivity.

Analyzing data from a separate group of 113 children and adolescents (ages 8-16) with or without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the authors found that these models of network strength also predicted the severity of attentional deficit measured by a clinical ADHD rating scale.

The authors note that their approach highlights the possibility of discovering brain-based markers that could predict other cognitive abilities and clinical symptoms.

doi: 10.1038/nn.4179

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