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Hookworm genome provides clues for treating, preventing infection

寄生性の鉤虫であるセイロン鉤虫(Ancylostoma ceylanicum)のゲノム塩基配列の解読結果の報告が、今週のオンライン版に掲載される。今回の研究結果は、セイロン鉤虫とその近縁種の鉤虫に対するワクチンの開発につながる可能性がある。


今回、Erich Schwarzたちは、セイロン鉤虫のゲノムの塩基配列を解読して、その生物学的性質を解明し、近縁種との比較を行った。今回の研究にセイロン鉤虫が選ばれたのは、ヒトだけに感染する他の鉤虫とは異なり、他の動物にも感染するため、鉤虫感染のモデルに用いることができるからだ。Schwarzたちは、鉤虫の間で保存され、哺乳類には見られない遺伝子を探索し、ワクチン開発にとって適切な標的候補を同定した。その中で特に有望な候補遺伝子は、ハムスターの感染実験で発現レベルが上昇した13個の遺伝子だ。これらの遺伝子によって産生されるタンパク質は、鉤虫の宿主への感染、またはその体内での生存に必要なタンパク質群に属している。

The genome sequence of the parasitic hookworm Ancylostoma ceylanicum is reported online this week in Nature Genetics. The results of the study could help lead to a vaccine against this parasite and related hookworm species.

Hookworms that infect humans, including A. ceylanicum, can cause anemia and low white blood cell count and can also be life threatening in pregnant women and lead to cognitive defects in young children. While treatments do exist for hookworm infections, accurate diagnosis can be difficult and there is no vaccine.

Erich Schwarz and colleagues sequenced the genome of A. ceylanicum to better understand its biology and to allow comparisons to related species. A. ceylanicum was chosen for this study because this species, unlike other hookworms that infect people, can infect other mammals, allowing the authors to use it as a model for hookworm infection. The researchers identified suitable candidate targets for vaccine development by looking for genes that are conserved among the parasites but are absent in mammals. Among these, 13 particularly promising candidate genes were found that increased in expression level during an infection experiment in hamsters. The proteins produced from those genes belong to classes that are necessary for hookworms to survive in and/or infect their hosts.

doi: 10.1038/ng.3237

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