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Genetics: Phase I of the 1000 Bulls project


今回、Ben Hayesたちは、ホルスタイン-フリージアン種、フレックフィー種、ジャージー種の合計232頭の雄ウシと2頭の雌ウシのゲノムについて塩基配列解読を行った。解読対象となったのは、この3集団の「重要な祖先個体」であり、ここに、それぞれの種の遺伝的多様性の大半が含まれていると考えられている。


The complete DNA sequences of 234 cattle are reported in a paper published online this week in Nature Genetics. The sequences are part of a larger project aimed at improving the health of cattle, as well as helping the dairy and beef industries.

Ben Hayes and colleagues sequenced the genomes of 232 bulls and 2 cows from the Holstein-Fresian, the Fleckvieh and the Jersey breeds. The animals selected were “key ancestors” from these three populations, meaning that they should contain the majority of the genetic variation found in each breed.

The researchers used the DNA sequences to locate genes linked to embryonic death-a major source of reduced fertility in cattle-skeletal deformities, milk production and curly coats. These findings could allow for more direct selection of healthy cattle in the future, which can increase the efficiency of meat or milk production.

doi: 10.1038/ng.3034


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